We were introduced to the gluten free needs of many of our diners early on.  What began as a desire to be accommodating became an obsession.  We educated ourselves and have spent a great deal of time researching and developing the amazing products we have to offer.

Due to the collaboration of our chef Charlie (who happens to be gluten intolerant) and our consulting partner (and baker extraordinaire) Gare, we offer gluten free products available nowhere else.

A very important piece of our gluten free service is our understanding of the cross-contamination risk.  Like any allergy, there are varying levels of sensitivity.  Some people reduce gluten for perceived heath benefits, others because of discomfort and difficulty processing gluten items.  For those with celiac disease or high sensitivity the ingestion of gluten can have dire consequences.  Simply offering gluten free items is not enough.  We have almost eight years of experience and expertise in the purchasing, preparing and safeguarding of our gluten free products.  Extensive staff training and awareness is key in our being at the forefront of delivering exceptional gluten free dining to our guests.