Tom Sciortino | Managing Partner

Tom Sciortino has a combined total of 39 years experience in the restaurant industry, pretty impressive since he only admits to being 39! A native of San Diego, Tom moved to Seattle in 1988 and joined Restaurants Unlimited. He enjoyed an amazing sixteen year career with them, managing restaurants in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco before transferring to Spokane as the General Manager of Clinkerdagger. After almost three years in that role, Tom decided that Spokane was home, but it was time to make his lifetime dream of owning a restaurant a reality. “The Wild Sage was my opportunity to create the restaurant that I would want to dine in. Healthy and wholesome foods, made from real foods with a farm to table approach.”

David Wells | Managing Partner

David Wells has been a part of the Restaurant Industry for over 26 years. Starting as a dishwasher, David has worked every job that a restaurant can offer.  Working in restaurants, bars, the Military, finishing his degree, moving all over the place, David found Spokane in 2004. Also, in 2004, David and Tom found each other.  Looking for something that they could do that was autonomous, just their own stuff, the restaurant business was what they had in common. Knowing that they would be life-long friends, David and Tom decided that they would make a restaurant happen.
In 2006, Wild Sage American Bistro opened its doors. 

Charlie Connor | Executive chef

Our chef “Charlie” has cooked in the Northwest for over fifteen years.  Professionally trained at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy back in 2001, Charlie has had the opportunity to work and learn under some of the best chef’s in the inland northwest. 

He joined the Wild Sage Bistro in the Spring of 2008 as the sous chef under Executive chef Alexa Wilson.  He was promoted to the Executive chef position in 2010.  Charlie continues the tradition of culinary excellence that the Wild Sage has become known for.  His passion and high standards have shown through with our amazing food and consistent high honors.